Best jobs for expats in Dubai

Best jobs for expats in Dubai

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Dubai is an attractive destination not only for tourists but also for expats who plan to start or continue a career. Every year people from all over the world come to Dubai in search of their dream job. The city has plenty to offer those who choose to live and work here, but the process of finding the desired job can be difficult.
There are various sectors that attract a large number of expats such as medical, IT, oil and gas, banking, sales, construction or real estate.

The medical field offers some great opportunities and is one of the most advantageous areas, considering it has some of the best paying jobs. Dubai has a large number of hospitals and medical centres; therefore the demand for qualified professionals is quite high. There are a lot of position openings for doctors, dentists, nurses or psychologists. Both the public and the private sector offer various opportunities and the salaries are definitely competitive. Of course, the wages vary depending on the qualifications and experience. For instance, wages for medical specialists are considerably higher. Besides earning tax-free salaries, those working in the medical sector also have other benefits such as opportunities to continue their professional training or family-friendly working hours.

Dubai’s economy relies greatly on the oil and gas industry, so it is obvious that the demand for engineers is always high. Whether you are a fresh graduate or an experienced engineer, there are job opportunities for every professional level in mechanical engineering, chemical engineering or electrical engineering. The salaries are, as you might suspect, quite generous and there are usually a lot of benefits that come with the job.

Buildings seem to grow like mushrooms in Dubai, making it the ideal destination for those who seek a job in construction. The salaries are great and the building projects keep on coming. Another category of professionals that can benefit from Dubai’s continuous development is represented by the real estate agents. With so many residential areas being built overnight, Dubai is a real estate’s agent wildest dream. The wages are good, but the commissions are the real reason why these jobs are so sought-after.

Dubai’s wealth is almost proverbial. A natural consequence of that is the ongoing demand for professionals in banking and finance. The right qualifications, experience and some people skills can land you an opportunity to develop a great career as a financial advisor, analyst or accountant. The rich people in Dubai need you desperately.
All the crazy money flow going on in Dubai is also translated into a great number of advertising and marketing companies that are always looking for talented people to work with. As is the case with the other jobs, you must have relevant qualifications and some experience. If you have that, then you can start applying for the job you want.
If you’re thinking of moving to Dubai for work, do your research thoroughly and take the plunge. There are countless opportunities waiting for you.

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